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We’ve refined our Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) process

Posted: April 1, 2024

We’ve made some changes to our approach to ASB, including how you report it and how we deal with it.

We are committed to ensuring that your homes and communities are pleasant and secure places to live, and we’ve made these changes to make reporting and dealing with ASB as simple and efficient as possible.

It’s also important to be understanding of people’s different lifestyles, and these changes ensure we are acting reasonably and considerately for all of our tenants.

Defining ASB

We know that everyone has different tolerance levels. If certain issues are constant, this can be annoying to you, but it may not actually be anti-social behaviour. This can include children making noise while playing outside, and people using equipment such as lawnmowers or power tools during the day. For behaviour which is not anti-social, we can log the issues to keep an eye on it, but in most cases we wouldn’t investigate unless it evolved into anti-social activity.

In some ASB instances, we are also now asking that you contact the police or your local authority directly. This includes late-night noise complaints, dog fouling and of course any emergency situations. By reporting directly, action can be taken faster, as any reports made to ourselves would have to be passed on regardless because we do not have dedicated teams that can respond. We liaise with police and local authorities regularly, and they update us on any issues they have been dealing with.

To find out more, including where to report ASB to, you can view our new web toolkit here, or contact our Customer Service Team, where you can find out:

  • What we consider to be anti-social behaviour and what we don’t
  • What we can and cannot do
  • Where you can get further advice on issues including partner agencies, the police and local authorities

We believe these changes will help us to streamline the ASB reporting process and help target serious areas of concern, to ensure your homes and communities as pleasant, safe and enjoyable places to live.