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Get Involved

Tenant Engagement at Hillcrest Homes

The Hillcrest Engagement Team feel passionate about working with you to improve housing services for all tenants. We believe that working together helps us as a landlord, to understand and focus on what matters to you about your home and the community where you live.

Our engagement approach is designed to give you a variety of opportunities to tell us what is important to you, what you want from us as your landlord, and what you would like our services to look like.

Meet the team

The team are there to ensure that tenants have a variety of ways in which they can use their lived experience to provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve services for all tenants.

Your Hillcrest Engagement Team Manager is Gillian White (centre).

Your Hillcrest Engagement Team Officers are Corrie Wood (left) and Emily Kernahan (right).

Your Hillcrest Engagement Team Apprentice is Max Laing (centre).

Why get involved?

There are many benefits to getting involved – some of which include:

  • Having access to information about future Hillcrest plans and activities
  • Building relationships with other tenants
  • Helping to monitor Hillcrest’s performance as a landlord
  • Making improvements that benefit all tenants
  • Developing new skills and experiences
  • Helping to increase tenant satisfaction and creating a greater sense of community
  • Being entered into prize draws for participating

Getting involved

We aim to provide a range of meaningful involvement opportunities at a pace and level that you feel comfortable with.

We know life can be very busy, so we ensure that getting involved doesn’t mean giving up lots of your time.   From just a few minutes to complete short surveys to attending events in person, and lots more in between – there are different ways you can participate and make a difference without giving up too much of your time.

You can opt in and out of activities as and when you wish, and you can also choose the subjects that interest you and ignore the ones that don’t.

The best way start getting involved is to join our feedback forum.

Feedback Forum

Our Feedback Forum is a community of tenants who have signed up to be the first to find out about things that are happening in Hillcrest.  They are also informed of all the different ways that they can participate and help to make improvements to our services.

Tenants in the Feedback Forum may be invited to participate in:

  • Surveys

Providing feedback through regular short surveys.  This may be online, or by paper, phone or texts.

  • Face to face focus groups and consultations

Meeting with staff and other tenants across all areas where we have homes to look at a particular area or subject.  This may be online or in person.

  • Tenant Events

Attending informal events where you can meet others in your community and speak to staff in an informal setting to hear about the different services we offer.

  • Consultations

Being involved in local consultations, estate inspections and stair meetings.

  • Scrutiny

We will delve into one particular part of the service or organisation each year. The aim of scrutiny is to improve organisational performance and the quality and standard of services that we provide to tenants.

  • Policy & leaflet reviews

Having your say on significant changes or reviews of our policies & leaflets.

  • Tenant benefits, Competitions and Prize draws

We offer benefits, competitions and prize draws to tenants on the Feedback Forum.  Benefits vary from year to year but they have previously included:

  • Free tickets to amusements
  • Online fitness classes
  • Neighbourhood Hero Awards
  • Competitions
  • Prize draws to win vouchers for participating

If you would like to be part of the Feedback Forum, please enter your details below: