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Your tenancy: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

Hillcrest does not insure your contents or personal possessions against events such as fire, flood and theft. We recommend that you purchase contents insurance to cover items such as your furniture, carpets, clothes, bedding and electrical items.

Hillcrest Homes tenants are eligible to apply for the Diamond Insurance Scheme for home contents. There is no excess to pay (additional accidental damage carries a £50 excess) and you can choose a number of easy payment options:

  • Fortnightly or monthly by cash, using a swipe card at any Post Office or any Payzone Outlet.
  • Monthly by Direct Debit.
  • Annually by Cheque, Postal Order or Debit/Credit Card.

Fortnightly and monthly premiums include a transaction charge.

This is not a Hillcrest policy, and is administered by Thistle Insurance Service Limited.

You can use the attached application form to apply for this insurance, or if you would like more information or to apply by phone, call Thistle Insurance direct on 0345 450 7286.

Tenants & Residents Contents Insurance Application
Tenants & Residents Contents Insurance Policy Wording
Tenants Contents Insurance
Terms Of Business
Direct Debit Form
Rate Card – Area 1
Rate Card – Area 2
Rate Card – Area 3

From Standing Orders, Direct Debits, bank transfers and even paying online, there are many ways you can pay your rent. Click here to find out more about how you can pay your rent, and which option might be easiest for you.

If the noise, music or party is a one-off, we would not normally consider this to be anti-social behaviour. However, if the disruption becomes more regular, please contact us on 0300 123 2640 for advice and guidance. If the noise persists, the Housing Team will contact the tenant involved.

If the disruption is taking place during the night, you can also consider calling Police Scotland on the non-emergency number 101. Many local councils also have an anti-social behaviour team. We liaise regularly with Police Scotland and will be advised of any callouts.

Hillcrest Maintenance offers a free all-inclusive repair service, and can repair a wide range of issues in your home, from plumbing, electrical servicing and repairs, repairs to heating systems, gas boiler servicing and replacement and much more.

However, there are some things that are your responsibility, and Hillcrest Maintenance will not deal with. These include changing lightbulbs (including kitchen strip-lights), mounting things to walls such as a TV or pictures, and any aspects of redecoration, such as stripping or applying wallpaper, laying new flooring or repainting.

Yes. If you plan to carry out any work to the house above and beyond redecorating, you should get in touch with your housing officer or Hillcrest Homes local office. You can get in touch with us on 0300 123 2640.

A maintenance officer may attend to find out more about your planned work, and you will shortly be advised of whether you may go ahead with the work. In some cases, a maintenance officer or other staff member may check in on the work to ensure it is being carried out properly.