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Reporting a repair

You can report a repair in a number of ways:

  • Via MyHillcrest (not for emergency repairs) – you can even choose your own timeslot for the repair to be carried out.
  • Call 08000 324 888 – this can be used to report emergency and non-emergency repairs.
  • Email repair@hillcrest.org.uk (not for emergency repairs).

Emergency Repairs

We’ll aim to carry these out within 4 Hours.

These are repairs where the issue could seriously damage the building or is a danger to your health or safety.

Examples include fire damage, flooding, a gas leak, a break in, no heating or hot water, blocked sink, blocked toilet (if it’s the only toilet in the house) and total power failure.

Non-Emergency  Repairs

We’ll aim to carry these out within 10 working days. 

Examples include a blocked toilet (where there is another toilet in the house), a broken doorbell, damaged or detached cupboard doors and rotary dryer replacement or repair.

When you report a repair, we’ll ask you for more information about the issue and we will log the details on our system. We will also confirm your contact details.

Repairs may be made by Hillcrest Maintenance, or in some cases we’ll arrange another company to attend and make the repair.

We have an appointment system for repairs carried out by Hillcrest Maintenance, and you may be offered a morning (8 am – 12 noon) or an afternoon (12 noon – 4 pm) appointment.  If you report your repair via the MyHillcrest app, you can select your own repair timeslot.

This does not include emergency repairs.