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About Hillcrest Maintenance

Hillcrest Maintenance was formerly a part of Hillcrest Enterprises (formerly called Hillcrest Agency Services Ltd) which was originally established in 1991 to provide development, clerk of works and other agency services to non-charitable housing associations and co-operatives. 

In 2007, Hillcrest Maintenance was set up, with the initial focus being on voids to reduce the turnover times and improve the quality of the product. The in-house maintenance team quickly expanded to undertake a wide range of contracts for Hillcrest Homes including kitchen and bathroom replacements, painter work, gas servicing, gas installation, periodic inspections and Stage 3 adaptions.

Internal growth continued in 2011 when Northern Housing Company joined Hillcrest, and Hillcrest Maintenance became the preferred contractor for all maintenance works. External growth was also achieved as Hillcrest Maintenance successfully tendered for and carried out a number of external maintenance works for other housing associations and local authorities.

In 2013, Hillcrest Maintenance implemented a mobile working system for its Dundee reactive repairs tradespeople. This system allowed staff to book appointments for repairs with tenants automatically, improving both service levels for tenants and better utilising tradespeople time. The system was then rolled out across all reactive repairs and gas servicing teams in 2014.

In 2015, a local social enterprise company, Clean Close, merged with Hillcrest Maintenance, creating a ‘Clean Close Division’. This merger increased staffing levels further, realised a new revenue stream for Hillcrest Maintenance of close cleaning, property clearances and carpet fitting.

There are currently around 200 staff employed by Hillcrest Maintenance.