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Volunteer now: Become a Trustee of the Hillcrest Foundation

Posted: March 14, 2024

Who we are

The Hillcrest Foundation was established in 2020 with an aim to improve people’s lives and create positive futures. The Foundation enables Hillcrest to have a focused strategy for supporting individuals and communities by providing relief to those who need it most.

We have developed many collaborative partnerships to ensure support is provided where it is most needed.

Find out more in our Annual Report 2022-23 and our Impact Report 2023/24.

The Board today

The Foundation Board is composed of eight Trustees. We are seeking new Trustees to join the Board and play an active part in supporting its growth to help ensure it continues to make a positive impact across communities.

The Board is supported by a committed Executive Leadership Team, and an external Ambassador.

The role of a Trustee

Trustees work with Hillcrest’s Executive Team and other members of the Board to determine the Foundation’s strategy and ensure that it delivers on its charitable objectives and long-term mission. The Board is ultimately responsible for the Foundation’s viability and legal responsibilities. Trustees must have the ability to think at a strategic level, think creatively and criticise constructively.

Trustees should be willing to use their specific skills and expertise to support the Board and Executive Leadership Team in its decision-making, and will be representatives for the Foundation, always acting in its best interests. They will also be able to form sound and balanced independent views, and to challenge in a constructive and collegial manner.

What we’re looking for

We are looking for Trustees with fundraising experience, or a genuine interest in this area who can provide input on a wide range of ever-changing issues as the Foundation continues to grow and develop. Knowledge of different fundraising mechanisms would be ideal as would strong networking experience to support opportunity for more corporate partnerships.

As a Trustee you will be expected to contribute constructively to Board discussions and provide inspiration and vision to our staff.

If you would like any further information, please contact Lesley Don on 07919519573.

To apply, please submit a completed application form to LDavidson@hillcresthomes.org.uk by Friday 26 April 2024.