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Using our EV charge points: FAQs

Here's answers to some of the most common questions about using our EV charging points.

Charging tariffs

We approved the introduction of tariffs in January 2023.

Due to the current market conditions regarding energy costs, the tariffs may be subject to regular change. Please check ChargePlace Scotland (chargeplacescotland.org) for up to date information on tariffs and overstay charges.

All of our chargers are now subject to an overstay connection charge, which is automatically applied to the user’s account. This fee ensures that there is a turnover of users, and the charger is not occupied all day by one person.

Normally, charges would be reviewed annually. However, due to the current market conditions, costs are being reviewed continuously.

It’s important that you check the current tariffs on ChargePlace Scotland’s website or app before using a charger.

There will be times due to technical issues or your vehicle’s battery charging time where it’s not possible to reach a full charge within the time limit. These time limits are non-flexible, so if you exceed this, then the overstay charge will still be automatically applied to your account, and we’re unfortunately not able to refund this.

We appreciate that users may encounter unforeseen circumstances that mean the charger’s time limit is exceeded. Unfortunately, we are unable to consider individual cases, and as such, the overstay charge would not be refunded.

Unfortunately, wear and tear and vandalism can occur to our information stickers on charging points, and we are unable to check charging sites daily. All tariffs and overstay connection charges can be found on ChargePlace Scotland’s website or app, and it’s important that you check this before using a charger. As a result, we cannot refund the overstay connection charge.

Reporting faults

All issues should be reported to ChargePlace Scotland using their online form, or by calling 0141 648 0750 quoting the unique number on the charger.


Information on the tariffs and overstay connection charges is located on ChargePlace Scotland’s website – you can view this here: chargeplacescotland.org/charge-point-tariffs