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This week is Talk Money Week

Posted: November 6, 2023

Talk Money Week is taking place until Friday 10 November, with the week aiming to get people talking about money, and finding out how they can improve their financial situation.

Money is something many people are reluctant to talk about, but by talking about your concerns on the subject and any difficulties you may be having, you can very often find out that there is support or solutions that can help.

The theme for this year’s Talk Money Week is “do one thing”. It doesn’t have to be huge – small actions such as simply revisiting which monthly payments are really necessary, or downloading a budgeting app can have big results in the long run!

As part of Talk Money Week, we’ll also be bringing you a series of posts to get you thinking about what savings you can make and what support is available.

Why should we talk about money?

Not talking about money can hurt those around you.

For example, do you and your partner have joint accounts, or are both of your names on household bills? If so, your money mistakes and mismanagement could affect their credit rating and financial future – and vice versa.

To protect your finances, it’s vital to know where you stand and what the full picture is during a relationship – and also if you’re coming out of one.

Not talking about money with other family members can also cause issues – with older people for example. If you haven’t chatted about their financial future and an urgent issue pops up, you might have no idea how they would like you to deal with the situation.

Often, figuring things out and getting them in perspective can be much easier if you’ve got help. If you’re a Hillcrest tenant or member of staff and would like help with household budgeting, contact our Tenancy Sustainment Service on 0300 123 2640 or at customerservice@hillcrest.org.uk.

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