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The Hillcrest Foundation gets ready for 2022 applications

Posted: January 14, 2022

The Hillcrest Foundation will be open for applications from Thursday 20 January.

For those who aren’t aware, the Foundation secures funds through the profitable arms of Hillcrest, trusts and corporate supporters. Staff from across the organisation are invited to apply for funding twice a year to support initiatives which transform the quality of life for people facing severe and multiple disadvantages.

The maximum bid can be up to £10,000 with a minimum bid of £500.  Before the applications open next week we would like to highlight some success stories from the previous rounds.

Milton Street garden transformation

Last year our Milton Street service in Dundee applied for funding to transform the garden of one of the people they support. The individual has epilepsy and can have up to six seizures each day.

This made the concrete slabs in the garden extremely dangerous, and the individual was only able to go outside in a wheelchair. Thanks to the funds from the Hillcrest Foundation, the garden has now been transformed into a safe and fun space.

The slabs and grass have been replaced with a shock pad covered with artificial grass, and garden furniture and games have been added. This has had a significant positive impact on the individual’s mental health, wellbeing and social skills as his family can visit and play outdoors with him.


Mayfield Road wild camping and outdoor therapy

Our Mayfield Road service in Edinburgh supports individuals who are homeless and have complex needs. The service has successfully applied for funding to support multiple wild camping trips over the past few years.

The most recent trip was held in September 2021 and attendees had a fantastic time enjoying the great outdoors and spending time with each other. Outdoor therapy can have a huge positive impact on individuals who are struggling with mental health, substance dependency and/or trauma.


If you would like to submit an application for funding, more information will come shortly.