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The deadline to vote for tailored energy advice and practical support for Dundee residents is looming

Posted: March 20, 2023

Hillcrest Homes, in partnership with Stobswell Forum, is asking Dundee residents to vote for a special funding bid submitted to the Dundee Climate Fund before the deadline of 24 March. The successful bid would deliver pioneering energy advice and support to residents in Stobswell, benefitting households of any tenure, and is hoped to be replicated across the wider city in the future.

The project aims to fund a specialist energy advisor to work with and support the Stobswell area, reducing energy bills, liaising with energy companies on residents’ and businesses’ behalf, and highlighting improvements that can be made to greatly increase energy efficiency. In addition, the funding would also be used to purchase advanced thermal imaging equipment, which would reveal hidden heat loss, such as missing insulation and hidden air gaps.

In addition to offering support to individuals, the project will also work with landlords to offer advice and support on energy efficiency measures that will improve their properties, benefiting the tenants.

In June 2019, Dundee City Council declared a climate emergency, recognising the very real environmental, social, and economic challenges faced by climate change, with the Dundee Climate Fund being one of the initiatives launched in response. The fund aims to support the community in making a number of changes to save money and reduce the city’s carbon footprint.

Pictured from left: Professor Fionn Stevenson, who is supporting the bid; Martin Callachan, Hillcrest sustainability manager; Colin Clement, Stobswell Forum chair and Joy Melville, Hillcrest tenant services manager.


Joy Melville, Hillcrest tenant services manager and member of Stobswell Forum, said: “This exciting project is anticipated to bring huge benefits to the Stobswell area, reducing carbon footprint and easing energy bills at a time when households are struggling with the cost of living.

“If successful, the ultimate aim is to roll this support out to the wider city, which is why it is such a great project for Dundee residents of any tenure to get behind.”

Colin Clement, Stobswell Forum chair, added: “The Forum is delighted to be working in partnership with Hillcrest Homes to deliver an innovation-led response to the very difficult situation that many tenants across the city are facing in dealing with the current cost of living crisis.”

​​​​The Dundee Climate Fund closes to voting on Friday 24 March. Click here to find out more and vote for the Stobswell Energy Support project.