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Support with Cost of Living – How We Can Help: Case Studies

Posted: April 4, 2024

Case Study 1

One of our Homes tenants had fallen behind with her rent due to being off work sick and struggling with her mental health.  She was only receiving Statutory Sick Pay from her employer which resulted in a significant reduction in her income. Our financial wellbeing team assisted her in making an application to apply for Universal Credit, which increased her income by £609 per month.  They also helped the tenant to apply for Discretionary Housing Payment to cover the shortfall of her rent, which amounted to £70.15 monthly.

Our Energy Advice Team also provided support resulting in £100 towards an electric bill and donated some warm items to keep her cosy through the winter months. She was also given a £50 Tesco food voucher.

As the tenant had been working fulltime, it was a huge change in financial circumstances for her, so our teams helped her apply to a local trust for a grant to cover her living costs until benefits were in place.  She was eventually awarded £750.00, which allowed our specialists more time to look at where she could make further savings in her outgoings.

As the tenant had regular hospital appointments and was struggling to afford the bus fares, she was also assisted in accessing a travel pass for £74.00, to help her out until her benefits were in place so she could attend her appointments. We also helped investigate her Council Tax options, resulting in a reduction of £964.50 for the year.

The tenant wanted to return to work but did not feel well enough to manage this, so she was also assisted in applying for Adult Disability Payment, and was awarded £272.44 every 4 weeks.

All in all, our teams specialist advice significantly helped to improve our tenant’s financial situation, making life that little bit easier.


Case Study 2

Another of our Homes tenants was contacted as part of the Home Heating Advice Fund project. It was established that the tenant had multiple complex medical issues including Epilepsy, Mental Health issues and had recently suffered a stroke.

They were unfortunately £1,050 in arrears for the heating charge, and the worry about this debt was becoming an issue and negatively impacting on their mental health. Our teams were able to assist by helping the tenant to apply for a Warm Home Discount, resulting in a payment of £150 to their electricity account and a Home Heating Advice Fund application was also completed, which resulted in a payment of £1,500 to the tenant’s supplier.

A heating demonstration along with general energy advice has also helped the tenant to have more heat for less cost, now that they better understand their heating system.