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Significant Performance Failure of social landlords: what you should do

Posted: April 22, 2022

If you are a tenant of a registered social landlord (RSL), such as a housing association or co-operative, or if you are a council tenant, you can report a significant performance failure (SPF) to the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR).

A group of tenants or an individual acting on behalf of tenants, such as a representative of a registered tenants’ organisation, can also report an SPF to the SHR.


A Serious Performance Failure is where a landlord consistently fails to achieve outcomes in the Scottish Social Housing Charter, has not reported its performance annually to its tenants (or the report does not reflect actual performance) or has failed to meet the Standards of Governance and Financial Management. In additio, failing to take action, in a way which puts tenants’ interests at risk is also a Serious Performance Failure.


Some examples include:

– Consistently not carrying out repairs when they are required

– Not allowing tenants to apply for another house

Putting tenants’ safety at risk – for example, not carrying out gas safety checks

Not helping tenants to report anti-social behaviour

Not reporting its performance in achieving the outcomes and standards in the Scottish Social Housing Charter to its tenants


To find out more about Serious Performance Failures and how you can report them, you can view the Scottish Housing Regulator document here.