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Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2024 | Skills Generation Q&A with Max Laing

Posted: March 8, 2024

This week is Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2024, a campaign shining a spotlight on the benefits that work-based learning brings to people, employers and the economy.

Apprenticeships create the skills every generation needs, and every employer wants. This year’s theme of Skills Generation demonstrates that apprenticeships give people high-quality opportunities, whilst supporting them to achieve their full potential.

To mark the week, we have spoken to five of our current apprentices to hear their views on apprenticeships, skill development and more.

In today’s Q&A post, we hear from Max Laing, Business Admin Apprentice, as he reflects on his apprenticeship and tells us how Hillcrest supports him in his career.

  1. What’s your name and what apprenticeship are you undertaking?

My name is Max Laing and I am currently completing a Business Admin apprenticeship with Hillcrest’s Income Management and Tenant Participation teams.

  1. What are your interests/hobbies?

In my spare time I enjoy playing football and golf with my mates.

  1. What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship?

What I enjoy most about my apprenticeship is getting the opportunity to speak to and learn from people who are experienced in the workplace. I also like being trusted with my own responsibilities.

  1. What skills are you developing?

Since beginning my apprenticeship, I have developed many new skills. This includes listening and effectively taking in information. I have also improved my communication skills through practice by having phone calls and Teams calls with colleagues and tenants.

  1. What advice would you give to someone looking to start an apprenticeship?

My advice for someone looking to start an apprenticeship is to be confident and ask lots of questions. Don’t be scared to speak to anyone.

  1. What are the main benefits of doing an apprenticeship?

I chose to do an apprenticeship as I like the benefit of getting paid whilst working towards a qualification. It is also useful to gain the experience of full-time work at the same time.

  1. What do you hope to do in the future?

In the future I hope to get a good job, either in Hillcrest or not.

  1. How has Hillcrest supported you during your apprenticeship? 

Hillcrest has supported me greatly since I started my apprenticeship. I am part of Hillcrest’s Young People’s Group, which is a safe space to network, and share ideas and opinions on changes happening within the business. This has also been a good way to build relationships with my fellow apprentices.


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