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Our annual rent increase – info for tenants

Posted: February 29, 2024
As you may know, we increase our rents each year to account for inflation, which affects the prices we must pay to ensure we deliver an effective service to you, and that we can properly maintain your home. As we are a non-profit organisation, we do not make a profit, and all money is used for the running costs of the organisation, maintenance, and developing much needed new homes for those in housing need.
It has been a very difficult decision this year to increase the rents by 7.75%, but over the last year, high inflation and interest rates have meant we have had to pay much more for goods and services. We’ve worked hard to keep the increase as low as possible while ensuring we have enough money to cover the costs of running the organisation and providing tenants with all the services they need.
It also means we can still carry out repairs, replace kitchens and bathrooms, and modernise homes in line with the new energy efficiency standards.
We understand that this increase comes at a time when costs generally are already high, so please remember our specialist teams are here to help you. Hillcrest Energy Advice Team can help reduce energy bills, deal with energy debt and access funds and grants to help, while our Tenancy Sustainment Service can help you access eligible benefits and Universal Credit, as well as grants, white goods and more. Get in touch with us on 0300 123 2640, and our teams will be happy to help.
You should have already received a letter detailing more information about the rent increase and how it affects you.