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Iona | Faces of Futures

Posted: March 6, 2024

Iona, former resident at Lauriston Place, Edinburgh

Hi, my name is Iona, and I was a resident at Hillcrest’s Homeless Service (or temporary accommodation) in Lauriston, Leith.  I found myself homeless after becoming stuck in a cycle of addiction. I became isolated from my friends and family and ended up in Edinburgh where I didn’t know anyone.

I had nearly given up on myself when I came across Hillcrest and their support services. I was placed at their homeless service at Lauriston in Leith, and they helped me to get back on my feet. The support staff there really believed in me and helped me engage with services that then led me to going to treatment. They made sure I got to all of my appointments and helped me to start seeing that things could get better, without any judgement or pressure.

I’m so much happier now…I feel like I finally have a life again. I have good people around me and have been making plans to go back to college next year. I’m looking forward to a more positive future, and am so thankful for all the help the team at Lauriston have given me.