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Hillcrest welcomes Dundee MSPs Joe FitzPatrick and Shona Robison to outline planned new recovery and harm reduction services

Posted: May 10, 2022

Dundee MSPs Joe FitzPatrick and Shona Robison have visited the South Ward Road building of Hillcrest Homes to discuss plans for the new relocation of vital services previously provided in the Cairn Centre. These will include a range of recovery and harm reduction services delivered by Hillcrest Futures, funded through the Alcohol and Drugs Partnership, NHS Tayside and Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership.

Mr FitzPatrick and Ms Robison took a tour of the premises with Hillcrest senior management and spent time learning about the range of services that will be provided at the new facility.

Angela Linton, Chief Executive of Hillcrest, said: “We were delighted to welcome Mr FitzPatrick and Ms Robison to our South Ward Road building, both of whom took a keen interest in how the development will provide a range of services to support people with their wellbeing and mental health.

“This includes harm reduction and recovery services for people whose lives are affected by substance use as well as an immediate, compassionate response to anyone who considers themselves to need mental health support, as part of a coordinated response to people experiencing high levels of emotional distress.”

Hillcrest’s award-winning Harm Reduction service is run in partnership with NHS Tayside and offers integrated care and support to people to help reduce drug-related deaths and blood borne viruses. The Peer Naloxone project has helped to provide overdose prevention training to people in the community and distributed hundreds of live-saving naloxone kits.

The Harm Reduction service’s role in the ‘Eradicating Hep C’ research contributed to effectively eradicating Hepatitis C in people who inject drugs in Tayside, a world-first achievement that has helped offer better treatment and support to people with Hepatitis C.

The development will also ensure that there is a range of recovery activities available to people including SMART mutual aid, recovery cafes and family support.  The centre will offer a place for people in recovery to volunteer and give something back to help others who may be struggling.

Hillcrest’s Angela Linton added: “The building will also host the Community Wellbeing Centre, which is a 24 hour service for people experiencing distress. Credit must be given to Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership for the innovative and inclusive way they are planning to deliver this service with a range of partners across the city.”

Capital investment for the full refurbishment of the building, including the Community Wellbeing Centre, is being financed jointly by Dundee Health and Social Care Partnership and Hillcrest Homes.

Joe FitzPatrick MSP for Dundee City West commented: “Work is progressing at pace to transform the building, to ensure that it can be ready as soon as possible.

“Bringing a range of services together under one roof will help to ensure that people can access more of the help that they need in one place.

“I’m pleased that we have been able to identify a city-centre location for the Community Wellbeing Centre, which was recognised early on as a priority, to ensure that it can be easily accessed by people from across the city.”

Shona Robison MSP for Dundee City East added: “It was very encouraging to visit the building where the city’s new Community Wellbeing Centre will be located.

“Ensuring that we have somewhere that can provide 24/7 mental health support for those in need is a key priority for the city.

“It’s clear from our visit that significant progress is being made to deliver what will be a vitally important asset for the city, helping to transform the way that people access mental health support and drug services.

“The harm reduction and recovery services being provided by Hillcrest Futures are delivering crucial support to local people and the work underway will ensure they are well placed to expand upon that with key partners who are providing associated services.”

Hillcrest Futures supports over 2500 people across Scotland and provides services to people with mental health issues, physical and learning disabilities, autism, older and young people, individuals experiencing homelessness and people in recovery from substance use.

To learn more about Hillcrest Futures or to access support, visit: https://www.hillcrest.org.uk/futures/get-support/.

Main picture left to right: Joe FitzPatrick MSP, Hillcrest Deputy Chief Executive Fiona Morrison, Hillcrest Chief Executive Angela Linton, Hillcrest Futures Manager Danny Kelly, Hillcrest Futures Area Manager Ingrid Hainey, Peer Naloxone Worker Eddie Wight, Cabinet Secretary for Social Justice, Housing and Local Government Shona Robison MSP