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Hillcrest set to deliver swathe of affordable homes across Dundee City Centre

Posted: June 18, 2024

Hillcrest is set to deliver 298 new homes for affordable rent in the centre of Dundee in 2024, with 160 homes already complete, and a further 85 scheduled to be completed by the end of summer. A further 53 homes are then due to be completed by the end of 2024.

66 of those already completed are 66 mid-market rent properties at Victoria Quay in an apartment block overlooking the Tay, and a further 24 are located nearby at Candle Lane.

Derby Street.


54 of the 80 homes being delivered at Derby Street – where two blocks of multis once stood – have also been completed, with the remaining 26 properties there due for completion around June.

16 apartments at Langlands Street have also just been completed, and are in the process of being allocated to their new tenants.

Further homes due to come shortly include the new mid-market rent apartment block at Seagate, which offers fantastic views over the city, and the new properties located above Tesco on Murraygate.

Some of these development projects have also involved remarkable construction aspects.

Victoria Quay used a cutting-edge modular construction method developed by Enevate Homes, where ‘pods’ were built and almost fully finished off-site, before being ‘clipped’ together like a giant model kit to produce the apartment block.

Victoria Quay.


Meanwhile, the Murraygate block was constructed in the vacant space left after the previous building burned to ground. To fit in with the surrounding period architecture, the building was constructed using historical aspects and techniques, as well as specialist trades, to make the building look as if it had stood for hundreds of years.

Angela Linton, Hillcrest Chief Executive, said: “Post pandemic, the housing sector has encountered significant challenges, but we’ve more than risen to this and are delivering a fantastic number of homes for those in housing need.

“Housing provision is quickly becoming a key concern in many regions across Scotland, so we’re delighted to be working hard to deliver much-needed affordable housing in Dundee and other places.”

David Maxwell, Managing Director of George Martin Builders Ltd, added: “We are delighted to have been involved with Hillcrest in developing sites at Seagate, Murraygate and Langland Street.

Cumulatively, the three sites will deliver a total of 75 much needed new homes for local families.”

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