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Hillcrest offers its support to Make a Stand against domestic abuse

Posted: November 6, 2019

Hillcrest has pledged its support to the Make a Stand campaign, which encourages organisations to take action in supporting victims of domestic abuse.

Photographed clockwise from top left is operations manager Rob Hughes, director of housing Bob Sander, deputy chief executive Fiona Morrison, chief executive Angela Linton and HR manager Sarah Steel.

The campaign, which was originally launched by the Chartered Institute of Housing in June 2018, asks housing providers to sign up and pledge to tackle domestic abuse by fulfilling four commitments.

Organisations must put a policy in place to support tenants experiencing abuse, make help and information publicly and easily accessible, have an HR policy in place for staff affected by domestic abuse, and appoint a senior champion to oversee the initiative.

Millions of people experience domestic abuse every year and two women are killed by their partner or ex-partner every week. Housing organisations combined have millions of tenants and staff across the UK, meaning that each employs or accommodates thousands of people who may be victims of domestic abuse.

Hillcrest director of housing, Bob Sander said: “Domestic abuse is something that affects many people across the country, so sadly it is very likely that some of our tenants will also experience this.

“As Hillcrest also has a fairly large workforce, there may also be members of staff suffering at home as a result of abuse.

“Our aim has always been to offer homes, not just houses, so domestic abuse is something that we feel strongly about. Signing up to the Make a Stand campaign represents a great opportunity to show our tenants and staff that we won’t accept domestic abuse and will do all we can to tackle it.

“The Make a Stand campaign is helping put domestic abuse into the public eye, and lets people know that there is support out there and people that can help.”

Information for those experiencing domestic abuse, and a list of support available can be found here.