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Hillcrest Maintenance vehicles for sale

Posted: February 9, 2022

​We have two Hillcrest Maintenance vehicles for sale. Details of each vehicle can be seen below.

To place a bid please complete the sealed bid form and submit to Fleet@hillcrest.org.uk

All enquiries to be directed to Marc Sturrock regarding the vehicles.

The deadline is Wednesday 2 March noon.

Vehicle – SD12 TMZ

Mileage – 63,248

Number of keys – 1

MOT due – 29/03/2022

Work required – small oil leak

Reserve Price – £1750

Vehicle – NA11 HWZ

Mileage – 129,050

Number of keys – 1

Work required –

Needs an engine, Rockers have smashed through the cambox and caused some damage.

Possible damage to the pistons but you would have to take the engine apart.

Reserve Price £750