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Hillcrest lays bare its environmental, social and corporate commitments in inaugural report

Posted: October 30, 2023

We’ve cemented our social, environmental and corporate pledges in a special report that lays bare our responsibilities and commitments, with this year’s document being the organisation’s first.

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Reports are intended to clearly outline an organisation’s efforts in a range of areas beyond simply measuring financial performance. This includes shedding light on social and environmental commitments, as well as demonstrating the company is being run effectively, transparently and sustainably.

The publication of our first ESG Report will not only offer a window for potential investors to look into the organisation’s activities, but it is hoped that it will also inspire positive change within other peer organisations.

To measure our ESG performance, we adopted the Sustainability Reporting Standard for Social Housing (SRS).

The SRS provides a wide range of quantitative and qualitative criteria across 12 ESG themes. We’ll report against this same performance framework on an annual basis to demonstrate our sustainability as an organisation, and our progressive corporate decision-making.

Dave Boyle, Hillcrest Chair, said: “We believe that our first ESG Report is a testament to our ongoing commitment to improving people’s lives and maintaining sustainable practices.”

Angela Linton, Hillcrest Chief Executive, added: “This Report provides a transparent look into our holistic approach to creating value for our communities, mitigating environmental impact and ensuring the long-term viability of our organisation.

“We hope that this report inspires others to join us in our mission for a better, more sustainable future.”

Our inaugural ESG Report is now available here.