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Brechin Tenant

The tenant experienced the devastating floods that struck Brechin in October 2023. It was a distressing and harrowing period, coupled by the realisation that she lacked home insurance, resulting in substantial damage and the loss of her possessions.  

Our team promptly responded and as well as offering emotional support, we were able to assist her financially by:

  • Applying for community care grant for removals – £300.00
  • Making a referral to Hillcrest’s Foundation starter pack initiative to help buy new goods for house. – £100.00
  • Making a referral to Dundee and Angus Starter Pack and delivered to her new house. – £75.00
  • Checking Brechin Flood page and advising her of any help available 
  • Applying for flood grant on her behalf, which was awarded – £1500
  • Liaising with Angus Council on her behalf and dealing with her Housing Benefit and Council Tax reduction/change of address HB – £4720.78 – Ctax reduction – £768.06
  • Applying for discretionary housing payment as affected by under-occupancy – £692.12       
  • Dealing with Angus Council around council tax liability etc. – council tax exemption
  • Referring to Hillcrest’s HEAT team for energy top ups and for help to work new heating system.