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Criteria & Data Protection

Thanks for considering renting a home with us. Before you go any further we need to check you meet our criteria.

Prospective tenants should have means to pay rent and should be individuals or households on low/modest gross annual incomes that do not exceed:

  • £43,200 in Aberdeen
  • £45,443 in Edinburgh
  • £42,000 in Dundee
  • £28,000 in the case of single person households in Perth and Angus
  • £37,300 in the case of other households comprising of more than one adult in Perth
  • £36,000 in the case of other households comprising of more than one adult in Angus

Applicants should have a regular income. Income can include employment earnings, benefits and pensions, however those without regular income but have access to savings can also be considered.

Unfortunately, if you do not meet the criteria we will not be able to house you. However, you may be able to obtain housing from our parent company, Hillcrest Homes.


Under Data Protection legislation the information you provide will be used for the purpose of checking and assessing your housing request and is necessary to support the allocation of a tenancy to you in relation to this application.

In making enquiries in connection with this housing application, your information may also be shared with other agencies such as local authorities, current/former landlord, proposal guarantor (if applicable), your employer and credit referencing agencies.

Further general information about how Hillcrest processes your personal data can be found on here.

Application Closed

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