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English to Ukrainian translation cards now available

Posted: February 2, 2023

English to Ukrainian translation cards are now available for use by our HEAT, TSS, and Hillcrest Housing teams during visits to Ukrainian tenants. The cards, which are currently being distributed to the teams, aim to improve communication and make engagement warmer and more welcoming. Many Ukrainian tenants have been displaced by the war, and have arrived in Scotland often with little ability in English or knowledge of the country or their local area.

Each team will receive two types of cards – one for general phrases and one specific to their team. The general phrase cards include common expressions such as “Hello,” “What is your name?” and “How can I help you?” while the team-specific cards will include specific phrases and terminology related to their field of work.

The cards show each expression in English, Ukrainian Cyrillic, and Ukrainian phonetics to allow staff to pronounce the words. At visits, the general phrases card is to be left with the Ukrainian tenant to provide them with a translation tool to keep, while the team-specific card will be retained by staff members.

The cards are designed to help the teams communicate effectively with these often vulnerable tenants and to provide them with better access to the services they need. The distribution of these cards is an important step in fostering a more inclusive and welcoming environment for them.