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Energy theft is illegal and can be fatal

Posted: May 26, 2020

The supply and metering of your electricity and gas is a contract between you and your energy provider. We cannot assist you if you have been caught tampering with your meter even if this means you are left with no supply.

Energy theft – make sure you report it

Energy theft is tampering with a meter or its connections. This means the meter doesn’t accurately record how much gas or electricity is being used.

Stealing energy is a crime and it’s dangerous. Keep yourself and others safe by reporting any concerns you have.

Energy theft can be fatal

Tampering with an electricity meter could lead to a short circuit, wiring overheating or even a fire. Wiring that seems safe can become ‘live’, so there’s a chance of a fatal electric shock.

Tampering with a gas meter could cause a gas leak. As well as headaches and possible loss of consciousness from the fumes, it only takes a spark to cause an explosion.

Tampering with a meter is a crime

Tampering with gas or electricity meters isn’t just dangerous – it’s also illegal. Energy theft can lead to a fine or a prison sentence.

If you suspect energy theft, report it

If you suspect any gas or electricity meter has been tampered with report it immediately by calling 0800 023 2777.

If you suspect a gas leak, leave the property and call 0800 111 999 immediately.

We can help you with a range of other energy issues please call 0300 123 2640 to speak to our specialist team.