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Energy supplier Our Power falls into administration

Posted: January 28, 2019

As of the 24th of January, energy supplier Our Power has gone into administration following a number of attempts to rescue the company from financial difficulty.

If you are an Our Power customer, what does this mean for you?

For our tenants with Ourpower, your energy supply will not be disrupted or cut off. Energy regulator Ofgem ensures there’s a safety net in place, and customers’ supplies and credit balances are still secure. Ofgem is in the process of appointing a new supplier to take over from Our Power, so tenants are being advised not to worry and that no action is required at the moment.

Households that have pre-payment meters can also continue to top up as normal.

To offer more information, Hillcrest Energy Advice Team (HEAT) has prepared some frequently asked questions:


– Will my supply continue or will I be cut off?

Your energy supply will continue and you will not be disrupted or cut off. You also don’t need to do anything at all in the meantime.


– Will I lose the credit on my account or meter?

All money and credit balance on your account is safe and will be transferred to the new supplier once they have been selected by Ofgem.


– What do I do with my Direct Debit? Do I cancel it with the bank?

Once they have been appointed, your new supplier will contact you to discuss any direct debit arrangements.


– Do I need to pay any current or future bills?

If you pay on receipt of a monthly bill, please continue to pay as normal.


– Can I still top up my prepay meter at a pay-point or online?

If you have a prepay meter, you can continue to top this up as you normally would.


– Who will be my new supplier?

Ofgem will appoint a new supplier, and you will be notified when this has been done and your account transferred.


– Should I change supplier myself now?

You should not try to change supplier yourself at present, but you can do this when the move to the new supplier appointed by Ofgem has been completed.


– What do I need to do for the new supplier?

Please provide meter readings and if you don’t do this already, you should start keeping meter readings to stop any confusion for the new supplier.


If you would like any further advice of information, please get in touch with our customer service on 0300 123 2640, or by email at customerservice@hillcrestha.org.uk.