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Energy saving tips and handy info for the festive period

Posted: December 22, 2021

With the festive holidays almost upon us, we’ve got some handy tips to save you money on your winter bill, as well as some other handy info and contact details.


Energy saving tips

• Set the central heating to switch off 30 minutes before you leave the house.

• The thermostat on your central heating should be set between 18°C and 21°C for your living room.

• With traditional storage heaters, it is important to close the damper or output dial (sometimes called the boost) before going to bed or if the house is unoccupied during the day.

• Only switch the hot water on when you need it

• Heavy curtains can help keep heat in

• Don’t leave appliances on standby, switch them off at the wall

• Use the ‘economy’ programme on your washing machine and wash a full load when possible

• A slow cooker or microwave is cheaper to use than an oven.


Register with your supplier’s Priority Service Register 

• Be told in advance of a planned interruption to your electricity supply

• Receive additional support and regular updates during a power cut

• Access services through our range of selected partners who can provided free advice on making the most of your money and healthy living


Get help and support from your energy supplier

Helping you keep your home warm our advice will help you keep safe, warm and well in winter while keeping your energy bills as low as possible without losing any comfort in your home.

Winter Fuel Payment: almost everyone born on or before September 26, 1955 should get a yearly Winter Fuel Payment from the UK Government. It is paid automatically and for winter 2021-22 it’s worth between £100 and £300 per household depending on circumstances.

Cold Weather Payments are made when the average temperature in your area falls to or below 0oC for seven consecutive days (during the period 1 November to 31 March). The payment is made automatically to people receiving Pension Credit and other qualifying benefits. You’ll get £25 for each seven-day period.

Child Winter Heating Assistance of £202 should be paid automatically to each child in Scotland receiving the highest rate care component of disability living allowance (DLA) and young people aged 16 to 18 in receipt of the enhanced daily living component of PIP (Personal Independence Payment). Contact your supplier if you think you would qualify.

A Warm Home Discount worth £140 may be available from your energy supplier if you receive Pension Credit. You don’t have to claim – you should receive the rebate automatically. To qualify, your energy provider must be participating in this scheme and your name, or your partner’s name, must be on the electricity bill. Energy suppliers may also give a £140 Warm Home Discount rebate to other vulnerable customers in receipt of certain benefits. Check with your supplier to find out whether you might be eligible. You need to apply every year with your supplier. Most Warm Home Discounts open from September each year, unfortunately most are closed for this year.


Emergency Supplier Information 

Most suppliers will be closed on 24/12/21 and 31/12/21.

Here is a list of emergency numbers for the better known suppliers in case you need to give them to tenants:

• SSE – 0345 072 9495

• British Gas – 0800 111999

• Octopus 0808 164 1088

• EON – 0345 052 0000

• Utilita – 03452 068 999

• Bulb – 0300 3030635

• OVO – 0330 3035063

• Sainsburys Energy – 0808 501 5277

•  Scottish Power – 0800 027 0072

•  Shell Energy – 0330 094 5800

•  Utility Warehouse – 0333 777 0777


Any of the other smaller suppliers will have the emergency number on an answer message when you call the customer service line.

Most suppliers also have online chat service available during opening times.

The number for anyone to call if there is a power cut is 105.