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De-clutter and put a few pounds in your pocket by selling online

Posted: February 14, 2023

Thinking of having a spring clean?

Selling clothes and other items online could be a great way of making money out of your unwanted clutter.

Once you’ve set up an account on a selling website like eBay or Vinted, it’s easy. Here are some top tips to help your items sell.

Make sure you take good photos of your items.

This will give potential buyers a clear view and make your items look good. Try to take photos in a well-lit place against a neutral background like a wall or floor.

Write a detailed description.

The more potential buyers know about your items, the more likely they are to bid or buy. If goods are new or barely used, make sure you tell buyers, as this can increase interest. For things like clothes, including detailed sizes is also important.

Buy it now.

The selling platform might suggest a starting price for auctions, but you can also add a ‘buy it now’ price or ‘make an offer’ option. This will give potential buyers an option to purchase your item outright, rather than waiting until the end of the auction.

Postage and packaging.

Check out the Royal Mail website for details of how much postage is likely to cost for the size and weight of the item, and remember to include in the cost of wrapping or boxing up the items in your postage price. Buyers pay the cost of postage up front, so you won’t have to cover this, but it is important to post it within a couple of days of the buyer paying.

What can you sell?

Lots of things! Clothes, shoes, jewellery, unopened cosmetics, books, CDs, homeware – basically anything that has a value and others would want to buy. If you’ve not done it before, give it a go. All it takes is a bit of time and effort, and you could see your unwanted items turning into extra pounds.