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Cyber security training

Posted: June 9, 2022

Cyber or computer-related crime is a global problem that organisations of all sizes and across all sectors face. Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting staff via fraudulent emails.

To help combat this and to ensure staff are well informed of the risks, both through the use of company IT resources as well as at home, we have purchased a dedicated cyber security training platform.

All of our employees who have access to IT resources, be it just through a smartphone or desk-based staff, will be enrolled in security awareness training.  In order to meet good governance requirements this training will be compulsory and delivered annually. We need to defend our organisation against cybercrime and security is everyone’s job. You are the last line of defence for keeping our organisation safe.

We will be sending an email to invite you to take this training within the next two weeks, along with some further information to guide you in the initial registration process.