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Covid-19 – one year on

Posted: March 23, 2021

Today poignantly marks the one year anniversary of a moment that none of us could have ever imagined – the day that our battle against Covid-19 escalated into an unprecedented national lockdown.

This moment one year ago reinforced the severity of the situation humanity found itself in. Around the world, measures began to be introduced to help hinder the spread of a virus that at the time was still relatively unknown. However, in such difficult and uncertain circumstances, we began to see people’s determination and humanity shine brightly. From volunteers giving up their free time to ensure others had everything they needed, through to those keeping spirits high recognising front-line workers each Thursday and sending positive messages to friends and family, people not only stayed strong enduring the confines of lockdown, but also ensured that light at the end of the tunnel never went out.

While that light is now getting brighter and brighter every day with a hopeful gradual return to normality finally appearing to be in sight, we must also take a moment to remember those whose own lights went out – the 125,276 people who have died in the UK so far with Covid-19 as the cause.

Hopefully this year will continue to be much brighter than last year, and come March 23rd 2022, we’ll be able to reminisce on 2021 as a year that all of our efforts finally helped see things return to normal.