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Community mosaic showcases Dundee’s past, present and future

Posted: March 21, 2023

A Dundee-based community group has collaborated with a local artist to help people develop their skills and connect with others through art.

Dundee Futures Project, run by Scottish charity Hillcrest Futures, works with people who would like to increase their confidence, meet new people, learn skills and improve their physical and mental wellbeing. They do this by offering one-to-one support and delivering activities such as cooking, art and walking groups.

Over the past few months, a few members of the Project have worked closely with community artist Pamie Bennett to create a colourful piece of artwork to represent their hometown of Dundee.

Niamh Kelly, Dundee Futures Project Worker explains: “Last year, we began an art project designed to be challenging and engaging, with an end product that we could be proud of.

“When we first met, we sat with a large piece of blank paper in front of us and started the process of deciding what we could do. After lots of discussions and sketching out ideas, we chose to make a paper mosaic of the Dundee skyline to represent the city’s past, present and future.

“We collected magazines, photographs, various textures and colours, then layered the pieces to make shapes and arranged them into something new. We chose landmark buildings, features and icons that symbolise Dundee and we individually worked on these sections.

“We wanted the mosaic to reflect the changes Dundee has undergone and continues to undergo. We divided the piece into three sections, past, present and future, and chose a colour palette that described the environmental and social experiences of each time period, moving from sepias and greys reminiscent of Dundee’s industrial past, overcrowded living conditions and poverty, to iridescent, neon colours of hope for a better, brighter future Dundee for us all.

“We are really proud of the finished mosaic, and would like to thank Pamie for all of her support and encouragement throughout the project. Everyone in the group showed great teamwork and it is extremely rewarding to see everyone’s confidence and skills grow.”

A participant of the art project commented: “Looking at the finished mosaic and how good it looks, it’s hard to remember how I doubted myself. Being part of this project has given me skills that I can take away including confidence, the ability to speak to people and being able to function as a human being again.”

Dundee Futures Project is based in the Hilltown and supports anyone over the age of 16 to develop skills, meet new people and experience a range of recreational, educational and social opportunities. To find out more call 01382 225100 or email thelearningplace@hillcrestfutures.org.uk.