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Bus enthusiast Daniel gets his very own Xplore Dundee bus

Posted: March 17, 2020

Bus enthusiast Daniel Aberdein was left delighted when National Express Xplore Dundee named one of its buses after him.

The special dedication was unveiled last week when Daniel visited the Xplore Dundee bus depot where he was treated to an exclusive guided tour of the facility.

Daniel, who has Autism, receives support from Hillcrest Futures’ Alexander Street service in Dundee. Support worker Chris who works closely with Daniel explained: “Since our staff began working with Daniel he would always share his knowledge and love for buses. After starting a volunteer placement with the Dundee Transport Museum he was given the opportunity to visit the local bus depot.

“During the visit staff from the depot were so impressed with Daniel’s in-depth knowledge of the makes, models, fleet numbers and routes that they suggested his name was placed on one of the vehicles due to his keen interest with National Express Dundee. Daniel was ecstatic and jumped at the chance!”

During the tour Daniel was shown around the garage and office space, and also had the chance to go through the bus wash in one of the vehicles. The tour was then concluded with the unveiling of his bus.

Daniel said: “Having my name on the bus makes me feel famous because everyone is going to see it and it is now all over social media for my family and friends to see. I hope the bus will be on a route I enjoy in the near future so I can go for a spin.”

Xplore Dundee’s commercial officer, Marc Winsland added: “Xplore Dundee is always pleased to welcome people like Daniel who have a real enthusiasm for buses. We enjoy showing people what we do first-hand, and introducing them to the staff who work behind the scenes.

“Daniel’s vast knowledge about our vehicles, services and the history of the business even gave me a run for my money! I hope he will delight in seeing his bus out on the road as it runs across the city.”