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Brechin City Football Club receives life saving training to tackle drug overdoses

Posted: December 15, 2021

Hillcrest Futures has delivered training to staff and stewards at Brechin City Football Club in the use of Naloxone, a medication used to temporarily reverse the effects of an accidental opioid overdose.

The life saving training was given at the club’s Glebe Park stadium and aims to reduce the stigma surrounding overdose and help reduce drug deaths.

Jill Scott from Hillcrest Futures’ Harm Reduction Service facilitated the training. She explained: “I contacted Brechin City, my home team, as they have thousands of supporters through their gates every year and I thought it was important that they were trained. I was absolutely delighted when they agreed.

“Football is a great role model for many and I am pleased that Brechin City welcomed the training to help reduce stigma. I am hopeful that other clubs will follow Brechin City’s lead.”

Following the training, Brechin City stewards and key staff now carry Naloxone kits at the stadium during match days and events.

Gary Robertson, Brechin City’s secretary commented: “The club is grateful for the presentation from Jill, and stewards and staff now have a greater understanding of the actions required to help in the recovery of someone who has taken an overdose of an opioid.

“Anything that will help save a life and make Glebe Park a safer place has to be welcomed and we would recommend that other clubs and organisations take up this worthwhile training.”

Naloxone training is available to anyone and only takes around one hour to complete. Attendees are taught how to identify the signs and symptoms of an overdose, how Naloxone works and how to administer it.

Hillcrest Futures’ managing director, Joy Dunlop said: “We hope the willingness of Brechin City FC will be a catalyst for other community groups to recognise that everyone has a part to play at supporting the most vulnerable in our communities. Drug deaths can be prevented and Naloxone has a critical role in this.”

Hillcrest Futures’ Harm Reduction Service provides advice and support to people who use substances. Further information on Naloxone and training can be found at: https://www.hillcrest.org.uk/futures/get-support/drug-and-alcohol-services/

Pictured from left: Brechin City players Kieran Inglis and Iain Davidson