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Autism Acceptance Week 2022 – Aaron

Posted: March 30, 2022

This week is #AutismAcceptanceWeek, a campaign aiming to raise awareness and acceptance of autism.

To mark the week we have asked those who receive support from our autism services how our support helps to improve their lives.

Aaron receives support from our Alexander Street service in Dundee. He said:

“My support workers help me with my routines. I like staff to know my meal times. When I go out for lunch I like staff to also eat or have a drink when I’m in the restaurant as I don’t like eating alone.

“When I go out to clubs, college and when showering, I feel safe to know staff are with me in case I have a seizure.

“I like talking to staff about my interests. I love football, especially Rangers, and I like watching the matches on TV. My support workers keep a note of when the games are on and give me a copy of the games so I never miss a match. I like to show staff and visitors my football mural.”

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