Hillcrest showcases Quay talent

The Hillcrest Group of Companies recognised staff learning achievements in style at an event at The Quay earlier this month. [more]

Councillor visits Gowrie Care Futures

Councillor Alison Dickie met with the people benefiting from the support on at offer the Futures community hub when she... [more]

Doo'cot Park's garden in full bloom after funding

The team at Gowrie Care’s Doo’cot Park service celebrated the completion of their Tesco funded garden with a special... [more]

Weaver's Yard celebrate their 30th birthday!

Hillcrest HA residents and staff celebrated the 30th anniversary of Weavers Yard in Dundee on Friday... [more]

HOPE video launched

HOPE Project is a free service for people living in Dundee, who are over 55 and do not living in sheltered housing... [more]

Gowrie is the word!

Pink wigs, leather jackets and a liberal application of hair gel was the dress code in Dundee on Saturday when a group of... [more]

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