Senior staff raise the stakes in new Dundee charity shop

Friendly competition took hold of a newly-opened charity shop in Dundee on Thursday as members of the senior team from one the... [more]

Hillcrest Supports Scottish Apprenticeship Week

The Hillcrest Group is one of the many companies providing apprenticeship opportunities setting young people up for success in... [more]

Reporting repairs

Our housing customer service team will be available today from 10am - 4pm... [more]

Office closure

Due to the extreme weather conditions we have decided to close our offices at 3.00pm this afternoon... [more]

Hillcrest Approved Contractors

Packs to apply to be an Approved Contractor for the Hillcrest Group are available now. [more]

Pedalling employment success in Dundee

An employment adviser has gone the extra mile to ensure the breaks were not put on a Dundee man’s efforts to get back into... [more]

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