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5 top energy-saving tips to take the chill out of bills!

Posted: July 18, 2022

Although the weather may be warmer, it’s still worth keeping some simple money-saving actions in mind around the home to trim that little bit extra off your bills. These tips will stand you in good stead in making your winter bills more manageable when the colder weather eventually begins to creep in again and can reduce your energy bill by up to £275 per year.

1. Turning down your thermostat by a single degree won’t make a noticeable difference to the temperature of your home, but it can save you around £146 per year. The more you turn it down, the more you’ll save but don’t go below 18 degrees or you could then begin to develop damp and condensation, especially in winter months.

2. Many devices such as games consoles and TVs will still use power even when on standby, so turn them off completely to save around £45 per year.

3. Changing to LED lightbulbs throughout your home will save you a further £38 on average – an added bonus is that they need replaced far less than regular bulbs.

4. Doing just one less wash per week with your washing machine or dishwasher will save you £13.

5. Finally, ensuring your home is draught-proofed will stop cooler air coming in and will top up your energy bill saving to the tune of a further £33!

If you would like to lower your energy bills, find out what grants and support is available or assistance in dealing with energy debt, contact HEAT on 0300 123 2640 or via the MyHillcrest app.