I want to ride my bicycle

And now Hillcrest members of staff can do just that! The Hillcrest Group of Companies has invested in an electric bicycle (e-bike) to be piloted by members of staff and encouraged to be used when going on short journeys.


The first to take to the saddle was Hillcrest Group Chief Executive Angela Linton who commented that “The bicycle will be a great investment for staff. I’ve had a spin round the Technology Park today and was really impressed with how fast it goes. There will be no excuse for staff being late for meetings!”


The e-bikes are a viable form of eco-friendly transport and an ideal alternative to a car or van for staff use. John Kochaniuk from Electric Bikes Scotland said that “We are thrilled to be involved with the promotion of eco-friendly sustainable transport which promotes a healthy working lifestyle and helps companies reduce their carbon footprint.


“Hillcrest has always been a company committed to sustainability, indeed the original conversation surrounding the purchase of an e-bike took place at a green transport event organised by them at their HQ. We were able to show staff the e-bikes there and they proved to be a resounding success. Hopefully other companies will follow Hillcrest’s lead and ditch their cars and take to their bikes wherever possible.”


Angela Linton concluded that “We’re excited to be piloting this initiative with the purchase of one e-bike and will be monitoring closely how often and well used the bike is. If it proves a success we will definitely consider expanding our fleet. A number of our offices and projects are close by and city central so the cost savings associated with parking and fuel costs can only have a positive impact. As well as the obvious health benefits of promoting a fit and healthy work force!”