Maintenance Services

Mark Percival.jpg

Mark Percival

Managing Director, Hillcrest Maintenance Services

Mark is responsible for the management of Hillcrest Maintenance Services and delivering the highest quality and best value for Hillcrest tenants and external customers.

Tom Young.jpg

Tom Young

Operations Manager

Tom is responsible for managing all of the electrical works carried out by HMS. He ensures that all tendered works and contracts are delivered on time, to specification and within budget while ensure that a high level of work is delivered.

Tom is also the main contact for Select.

Bob Jack.jpg

Bob Jack

Operations Manager

Bob is responsible for managing all of our kitchen, bathroom, door, window and fencing replacement contracts, Cyclical Painting, and stage 3 Adaptations.

Gavin Scott.jpg

Gavin Scott

Operations Manager

Gavin is responsible for all of Hillcrest HA’s voids in the Dundee area. As well as voids, Gavin manages all of our gas contracts and our SHQS and property upgrade works.

Anne Seivwright.jpg

Anne Seivwright

Contract Services Officer

Anne manages the Contract Services team who provide administrative support to all of HMS’s contracts. Anne ensures that all invoices are processed accurately and on time while providing operational analysis across all of our areas of operation.