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Volunteering opportunities in Dundee and Fife

The British Red Cross and in cooperation with the Co-Op has recently launched the community connectors project and they are currently looking for volunteers.

The project is to help combat social isolation and loneliness in anyone aged 16 years and over, referrals to the project can come from anyone (family, friends, doctor, midwife or self-referral etc.)

Social isolation and loneliness affect more people than we think, a recent study showed teenagers are the most lonely and the elderly and more socially isolated.

This can have a detrimental effect on health and wellbeing and we are looking to support those most at risk. This can be anyone 16+ for example New Mums, Individuals with Mobility Restrictions, Elderly, Individuals experiencing Bereavement/Empty Nest to name a few. Each service user will be supported for a 12 week period and will be sign posted to the relevant organisation as required.

They are looking for people to volunteer who are over 16 years old and can give 2-3 hours per week to help someone who is lonely or socially isolated and help build their confidence to reengage in their community.

All volunteers will receive training and be part of a team managed by a community connector in their area. This is a national project and we are looking for volunteers in Dundee, Fife, Aberdeen, Inverness and Shetland. They are also looking to spread the word about this project so people know where to go for help and support if they're feeling socially isolated or lonely.

They will be taking referals as of the 24June for this project.

Referrals can come from anyone (doctors, midwife, friends, family, groups or self referral to name a few) and it is open to anyone 16 yeats and over needing help getting back into the community.

If you have further questions or wish more information please contact Jane Lawson on 07736624791

Meet The Team

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