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Aims & values

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of individuals and contribute to sustaining communities by providing quality housing, care and support services.

Our key aims are to:

  • provide good quality, well maintained housing at affordable rents;
  • contribute to building sustainable communities where people want to live and are able to thrive;
  • assist in the relief of homelessness;
  • (through a subsidiary) provide quality, creative, responsive care and support services to people with a range of varying needs;
  • contribute to wider, social, economic and environmental well-being.

Our key values are to:

  • put people at the heart of our services and activities;
  • value and harness the voluntary contribution on Boards within the Group;
  • respect staff, provide good comparable conditions of employment, and encourage continuous learning and personal development;
  • use care and courtesy when dealing with the public, tenants, partners and each other within the Hillcrest Group;
  • treat everyone with fairness, respect and dignity and take action when there is inequality;
  • involve, listen and learn from customers in our care, housing and social enterprise activities;
  • work in partnership with all organisations with similar or overlapping objectives;
  • aspire for excellence in all our activities and services, and the highest standards of performance, probity and accountability;
  • be a learning organisation that seeks to be creative and innovative in the fields of housing care and social enterprise.