Sew Crafty

Gowrie Care is Sew Crafty

Not got a lot of money but want to brighten up your living space? Tired of your old cushions and fancy a change? Want to learn a new skill and meet new friends? One Gowrie Care project has the answer to all of these questions for the people they support and it's Sew Crafty!

Sew Crafty is a new initiative that is literally changing the look of South Fort Street!

As a temporary accommodation project, the staff know only too well how important a feeling of belonging and security can be to help people on their path to permanent tenancies. The Sew Crafty classes are not only equipping people with new skills but are promoting group work and relaxation. One service user commented that "I attended mainly for something that's different from my daily life and to give me something enjoyable to do with my time" .

The benefits of the initiative are clear with one person commented "It helps with my voices as it distracts them, I loved it" and someone else in the group said "I learned new things and it was good to be part of working and spending time with the staff".

Sew Crafty involves a programme of craft classes in which service users can make items for their home, personalise their home and make it their own. Fiona McDowall, Support Worker at the project, explained what the classes involve. "The objective of Sew Crafty is to teach service users new skills which will be transferrable for when they move into their own tenancy, adding value to the service that we already provide."

Sew crafty is exclusive to South Fort Street just now but as with all Gowrie Care initiatives, there are big plans for it!

Watch our video to find out more: