Everyone looks forward to their summer holidays, weekends away and day trips out. The people we support are no different and there is always a trip of some sort being organised, the company mini bus being booked and bags being packed.

Take a look at some of the latest trips.

Trip to see Dirty Dancing in Edinburgh

On Friday 7th December some staff and Service Users met at the David Street Office. We were all very excited the reason why was because we were getting the train from Dundee Station to Edinburgh to see Dirty Dancing the Musical at the Edinburgh Playhouse.

After arriving at a rather wet Edinburgh we had a wander around the city. Myself and another service user went on the carousel which was good fun. We then took a slow wander to the shopping complex which was really near to the Edinburgh Playhouse we all decided to have lunch in Frankie and Benny’s Restaurant and although the service was rather slow we all managed to have enough time to eat our food and be seated for the show.

The Dirty Dancing Show was spectacular!  I couldn’t pick a favourite part or favourite character as the acting by them all was to an extremely high standard. Everyone at the show seemed to enjoy it. There was lots of music and everyone was in great spirits.  The show lasted about a couple of hours so by the time it ended we had to get to the station to get the train back to Dundee.

The Train Journey back was relaxing we all managed to get seated, unlike on the way there when some of us had to stand however it was only for a few stops so it wasn’t a big issue. By the time we arrived back in Dundee City Centre it was very late Staff and Service Users got a taxi back to Broughty Ferry. We all enjoyed our trip to see Dirty Dancing and I think we are planning to see another show soon which I will be attending and looking forward to.
By Ali Davidson
David Street Service-User

Hillbank Roads Trip to Blackpool

Four service users and five staff had a trip to Blackpool for the weekend on Friday 18th May.

It was all very exciting in the Hillbank household prior to the trip organising the events leading up to the holiday for all involved.

With a sing song all the way the bus was full of laughter. We had organised a stop so that service users and staff could have a bite to eat. We had stopped at a service station where the staff were very helpful bringing the menu(which was 2ft by 3ft) onto the bus to allow the service users a choice on what they would like to eat.

On our first day all service users had decided they would like to see the views along the beach and as a group we would all meet up for lunch. Following our evening meal there was plenty entertainment within the hotel such as bingo, cabaret and a disco that was available every evening which we were all excited about.

Before our day activities the hotel would prepare buffet breakfast which was accommodating for all. We had many adventures while in Blackpool which all service users found exciting one being a trip to the circus and Blackpool tower.

On our last night we all enjoyed a cabaret show and bingo. As this was our last night service users wanted to make it a late one (1am) and so we did with much laughter and singing.

After breakfast with full tummies all service users and staff said goodbye to the hotel staff and thanked them for their hospitality.

Our journey home was a quiet one after all the fun activities day and night. The holiday makers slept most of the journey home and all reflected on how much fun they had.

Oxgangs Olympics 2012

Recently at Oxgangs Street we were successful in our application for the Gowrie Care Project Improvement Fund to develop a Summer Activity Programme for all our residents. We focused on major summer events including the Olympics 2012 and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We hoped by doing this we could promote health fitness and well being as well as education, culture and diversity.

We began our programme with the Oxgangs Olympics Sports Day and a post event BBQ. In preparation for the day the staff team handmade an Olympic torch using cups and papier-mâché which was paraded around the garden to set off the proceedings. The sports day kicked off with an assault course which involved space hoppers, hula hoops, skipping ropes and basketball. Other events throughout the day included penalty shoot out, badminton, tennis and the classic egg & spoon race!! All residents who won an event and were awarded a prize and gold medals were handed out to everyone who participated.

We finished the afternoon off with a BBQ and a resident who is a qualified chef was our head chef for the day. The residents that took part in the sports day really enjoyed it and we received very positive feedback. Mandy who was our female champion for the day said "It was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for a lovely day!!" Alex our head chef said "it was a good day bonding with staff and other residents. We had a giraffe (laugh)...and I won hahahaha!!" Craig our youngest resident who was king of the hula hoop said that "it was a very enjoyable day."